Follow our project on Substack

Greetings from Fox Holler Farmstead! I thought it would be appropriate to share the news that I’ve been focusing my writing energy regularly over at for the time being. I hope you’ll join me over there, it’s been great getting back into writing this year. I hope to update the blog here on occasion,Continue reading “Follow our project on Substack”

Muck, Fire, and Daylight Savings: A Spring Update from Fox Holler Farmstead

Yesterday I made our first plantings of peas in the garden, which was a bit optimistic. Every year I swear that I’m not going to plant too early, and every year I do so anyway. Only time will tell, I s’pose. It’s been a busy few weeks on the farmstead that only a steady, coldContinue reading “Muck, Fire, and Daylight Savings: A Spring Update from Fox Holler Farmstead”

Butchering Muscovy Ducks

Muscovy Ducks can be a valuable part of the homestead in terms of their light impact, heavy yields of meat, and natural proclivity to survive, thrive and naturally brood. One drawback is how difficult they can be to process. Having raised them for eight or so years now, I have some tricks to share. IContinue reading “Butchering Muscovy Ducks”

Fattening and the Burden of Abundance

Howdy y’all. As the limbs of osage hang low under the weight of great lime-green hedgeballs (monkey brains we used to call ’em) and pears advance to the apex of sweetness, I am doing all I can to fill our larder for the winter. Except for right now, because I’m too burnt out from canning,Continue reading “Fattening and the Burden of Abundance”

A Crescendo of Photosynthetic Activity

Well folks, here I am, googling when turkeys are old enough to get rained on, in my underwear, ‘cuz all my appropriate pants are wet. It seemed like about time to offer y’all an update on happenings here at the holler, and so here goes… I’m about dead exhausted from the amount of work neededContinue reading “A Crescendo of Photosynthetic Activity”

Can we please evaluate our food resilience now?

Y’all, I hate to be the first person you hear this from, but it might be time to ask some questions about the resilience of our food systems. And here is where I’d like to offer a couple of distinct measurements we as a culture might want to explore. At this time I have littleContinue reading “Can we please evaluate our food resilience now?”