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We grow, raise, and process a significant amount of sustainable, nutrient dense foods throughout the season, from raw grass fed dairy to pasture raised eggs. Our harvest list is constantly shifting and changing with the seasons, so stay in touch for new offerings. We are taking orders now for organic pasture raised and forest fed turkeys and pork right now for fall and winter of 2023.

The bottom of this page has a simple order button. Please contact us to make your down payment and further arrange your order. We can offer on-farm pickups (with tour) as well as drop off days in selected communities. (Currently Kirksville, Ft. Madison, Fairfield, Ottumwa, Keokuk, and Quincy. We are also hoping to make this offer in St. Louis and Iowa City as well, with enough interest.)

We prefer and enjoy having a deeper relationship with our eaters, and hope to connect with you. Growing, preparing, and eating food is a sacred and often intimate act for us. If you see it this way too, let’s get to know eachother!

Some of our air cured pancetta

Pasture Raised Heritage Pork

We raise kunekune pigs on grass. These heritage breed pigs can take up to three times as long as more typical breeds to reach butcher weight. Their last few months and weeks are spent fattening on acorns, leading to creamy, high quality fat and a much redder flesh than industrial pork.

Roast muscovy ducks

Rotationally grazed Heritage Poultry

In addition to our regular pasture-raised chicken and duck, we are taking orders now for fall turkeys. All poultry is rotationally grazed, fed organic grain, and heritage breed. Prices will be in the range of $4 to $7 per pound. We request a $25 deposit on your turkey by June 1st to ensure availability for November. We only raise heritage breed turkeys, to ensure the continued survival of these important rare breeds.

Pork Down Payment

Reserve a side of heritage breed pastured pork for this fall. Our pigs dress out much smaller than conventional breeds. Expect around 35 – 40 pounds per side.



Unique vegetables and tree crops

We regularly offer in-season organic produce. Check in with us spring through fall to see what’s available, from perennial onions to squash, beans, fruit and nuts.

Reservation for Heritage Turkey 2023

This ensures your pasture-raised, organically fed turkey is available for you for 2023. Our turkeys are typically smaller and more flavorful than standard industrial breeds. We’ve had overwhelming positive feedback from our eaters on these since introducing them last year.


Holler at us to Arrange your Order Today

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