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Greetings from Fox Holler Farmstead! I thought it would be appropriate to share the news that I’ve been focusing my writing energy regularly over at for the time being. I hope you’ll join me over there, it’s been great getting back into writing this year. I hope to update the blog here on occasion, but frankly, as a techno-curmudgeon, I find substack to be way easier for me to use than wordpress. Most of my content over there is free, and I wouldn’t put anything too vital behind a paywall.

As I engage more with the practice of writing I hope to post back here from time to time, focusing on some helpful or instructional type posts as well as updates relevant to our business. My substack centers around the practice and philosophy around farming and ecology at this unique point in human existence, as well as some advice on when to plant your onions or slaughter your chickens, and what have you.

If time allows and some higher power wills it, I shall update the rest of this website in coming weeks.

Enjoy spring, lets see if it sticks.


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